It’s simple, great ingredients make great food.

Who We Are?

We are a family of food lovers. We started our business long time ago in Venezuela, and now we want to share our passion about with everybody in Miami, FL

Our Passion?

We want to share good quality of ingredients, fresh and organic. We offer a wide variety of unique things from nuts to seasonings.

Crazy Stores!

We are opening our first store in USA in Doral FL. Our goal is to grow and open more stores in the state of Florida.




St. George was born in Caracas, Venezuela more than 25 years ago as a small family business,distributing products by weight. For nearly a decade it remained in constant growth,especially when we opened Peanut Sale San Jorge, a company responsible for wholesale distribution across the country. At the same time it opened the doors to Pistachio San Jorge,exposing our products to the general public.

In 2009 we took our concept to a modern level and dedicated a new space in Chacao, San Jorge Corn Maiz would be located in a very important area as it virtually divides the capital into East and West.

After great success with the new store, we added our brand to online sales systems. With support and ideas from friends of the company, we accomplished to distribute our products to many homes and kitchens in the country.


In 2013 we started opening the franchise Corn Maiz San Jorge,we added human talent to the brand with new managers with great work experience.

This is how our new store in the city of Puerto Ordaz, southern Venezuela opened. From this point, begins an important stage for San Jorge with new goals by improving every day for our customers.

After so many years investing in our home country, we decided to expand our brand outside our borders,by still keeping our stores in Venezuela. This is how SAINT GEORGE BULK FOOD came to the US, launching our first store opening in Miami.


Create unique gastronomic spaces in the United States, where our products traditionally offered by the San Jorge Group, are available to the general public with a high level of quality, especially in terms of hygiene, selection, distribution and presentation. Our condiments, nuts, herbal teas and other products will be offered to our customers personalized.

Saint George Bulk Food will consolidate in every corner of the world, offering our products and services to all.

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